Nano Engineering Minor

The high technology revolution, driven by the breathtaking successes of semiconductor integrated circuits, has transformed world economies and will continue shaping the human enterprise for generations to come. A number of nanotechnology initiatives has facilitated a transition into the era of nanoscale integrated systems. The innovative ideas resulting from these nanotechnology initiatives are being rapidly commercialized and new knowledge is being created. There exists a critical need to supplement traditional in-discipline training with interdisciplinary nanoengineering curriculum to address the needs of both emerging nanotechnology enterprises and rapidly forming nanoscale industries.

The NEMO program provides the structured curriculum, research opportunities, funding, and resources for undergraduate students to acquire additional skills that will broadly prepare them for professional and scientific careers in the 21st century.

The development of the NEMO program is supported by a $200,000 Nanotechnology Undergraduate Education grant (EEC-0836680), which will fund the two-year expenses for administering the program, purchasing of lab supplies, and $3,000 research scholarships for 15 students per year.